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The Research Foundation of SUNY

Working with High Risk Youth: Preparing for Independent Living

This is a self contained course developed for on site delivery to enhance the knowledge, attitude and skills for staff working with high risk youth preparing for independent living. The focus is on the use of a need-based change paradigm focusing on substance abuse, mental disorders, sexuality, and violence issues.

Project Contact Information

The Research Foundation of SUNY, New York
P. O. Box 9
Albany, NY 12201

Meg Brin, Project Director
Center for Development of Human Services
1695 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14207-2407
(716) 876-7600

Curriculum Availability

The curriculum is available for free download at www.bsc-cdhs.org/highriskyouth/
and is also available for free distribution while supplies last from NCWRCYD. Contact Barbara Loud at (918) 660-3700.

Trainer powerpoints are also available for free download here to be used in conjunction with the printed curriculum.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3