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Howard Davidson, J.D., Director of the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law discusses six elements of state laws that are essential to support IV-E agencies to extend foster care to these young adults. As more States begin to implement the Extension of Federal Foster Care to youth beyond age 18, complexities become more evident around issues of accountability, agency, and the role of courts, appointed advocates, and legal representation to young adults who volunteer to ‘remain in foster care.

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True or False? Fostering Connections Act contains several provisions that promote active youth participation in important matters that have an impact on their life in foster care and beyond, including legal proceedings. What do you know about the role of those involved in legal proceedings in your State? Take the Quiz .


Youth Corner

State courts are key decision-makers in the lives of children involved in the child welfare system. Young people want to, and need to be involved in the important decisions being made by adults who, prior to them entering foster care, did not know them. Two young women talk about how being heard in the courtroom enhanced their motivation to be involved and has had a lasting impact on self-esteem.



Caseworkers and service providers are charged with delivering information and resources to youth that positively influence their interest and motivation to attend and actively participate in their legal proceedings. In order to make the best of court hearings and to take full advantage of the opportunities to advocate for themselves, young people need preparation. They need to be informed of their right to attend court, right to representation, and about different roles of the key players that influence their life trajectory. This section also contains resources for youth that can be downloaded and shared.


NYTD Corner

Young people in foster care want to be heard in ways that will impact decisions about their lives. Young people engaged in their transition plan and attend their hearings can provide information that will contribute to more sound decisions in matters that shape their life trajectory. What does this have to do with NYTD.

Watch for our eUpdate issue highlighting the importance of Education: Transforming Outcomes for Youth in Foster Care later in 2013.