Three Tiered Approach


NRCYD uses a three-tiered approach to service delivery to increase State and Tribal capacity.

Tier 1 Services – NRCYD continuously scans documents, websites, and listservs for data on evidence-based youth services, resources, and materials. Information is collected, analyzed, and disseminated to states and tribes through the NRCYD website, newsletter, and e-distribution list. Make sure you are on our e-distribution list.

Tier 2 Services - NRCYD hosts peer-to-peer learning exchanges, webinars, conference calls, forums, meetings, and conferences for those who manage, supervise or deliver services to youth in out-of-home care. Find out about our next peer-to-peer event.

Tier 3 Services – NRCYD works intensively with States and Tribes to solve problems that they define. Call us to discuss your specific technical assistance needs.